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What is a Christian Philosophy of Science?


Can it help us do better science?


Join us at Holy Trinity Church on Boar Land at 7pm on 25th June for a panel discussion on Science and faith centered around the question of whether a Christian philosophy of science can make better scientists.

We begin with a talk by Dr Richard Gunton (abstract below) before giving our panelists a chance to respond with their own thoughts on the topic.

Following this there will be a chance to direct your own questions to our panel made up from speakers from our recent workshops, comprising a number of  scientists, theologians and philosophers all with a keen interest in this topic.

Tickets are available for £3.50 from our Eventbrite page.

Come and join in the discussion bringing your own thoughts, ideas and questions.


Popular depictions of scientists conflate two images. One the one hand we have the methodical investigator who collects and analyses data meticulously and arrives at logical conclusions about how the world is. On the other there is the whimsical genius who discovers new theories about the universe via mental processes that ordinary people can never hope to follow. What both images lack is any insight into the ways scientists actually try to think about what they don’t know. I will suggest that we always do science within the framework of some kind of philosophy, and that this, whether consciously or unconsciously, shapes our expectations. I will then outline some features of a Christian philosophy that may be relevant – and invite discussion about how helpful they are.

How to find us

All the evenings have a Facebook event page; please sign up to let us know you are coming.


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