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“What is science, and why do it?”

The series of scientists’ workshops began with Dr David Hanson providing a biblical grounding for scientific work – as presented in this video.

Dr Eline van Asperen then told a story of the development of Western science picking up on the key themes of idolatry and faith. Paul Coleman provided an interlude on Francis Bacon’s “four idols” and Clare O’Reilly looked at how science became a profession, encouraging the notion of a conflict with religious vocations.  The full workshop video can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Church Scientific is an initiative of Blenheim Baptist Church and Faith-in-Scholarship.  David Hanson is an advisor to Faith-in-Scholarship and a trustee of Thinking Faith Network; his career as a surgeon included senior lectureship at the University of Leeds. Eline van Asperen is a researcher in paleoecology at the University of Durham. Paul Coleman is studying the history of technology and Clare O’Reilly is studying the history of plant breeding, both working towards PhD degrees at the University of Leeds.

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