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The Church Scientific conference is coming!  Join us at the Oxford Place Centre on Saturday 24 June for a day of big conversations about big topics in scientific research and Christian worldview.  Researchers from a wide range of disciplines will share their ideas and ask questions about how knowing God the creator through Jesus Christ could inspire and inform scientific research.

Keynote speaker: Prof. David Watts

To start the conversations, we’re delighted that Prof. David Watts of the University of Manchester will be with us to deliver a keynote talk.  David is professor of materials science in the School of Dentistry whose interests also include history and philosophy of science, theology, geology and mountaineering.

David’s research focuses on biomaterials for dentistry and orthopaedics.  He also has a major commitment to postgraduate education and research, lecturing in research methods and biomaterials science.  He has successfully supervised over 60 PhDs and 50 Masters degrees.

David’s awards include the IADR Distinguished Scientist [Wilmer Souder] Award for research in dental biomaterials (2003), the Humboldt Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany (2010) and the President’s Prize of the UK Society for Biomaterials (2011).

Fostering dialogue, questions, creativity and faith

The Church Scientific conference will be open to inspiration from all kinds of people:

  • ingenuity from scientists
  • inquiring questions from philosophers and theologians
  • imaginative ideas from everyone who comes!

Ultimately, we believe inspiration is a gift of God’s Holy Spirit, and so it’s with worship of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ that we’ll start and end the day.

Book your place now!

Please sign up at the event page.  You can also download a flyer.


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