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The 2018 Church Scientific workshops laid out a systematic view of what “science” is, with a philosophical framework suggesting how to think about scientific work in the light of a Christian worldview.

The guiding question was “Could a Christian worldview make you a better scientist?”, introduced by Elaine Storkey in the 2016 launch event.  The 2018 scientists’ workshops laid out the following structure:

  1. Christian Faith, Worldview & Philosophy of Science: how can scientific work fit within a Christian faith?
  2. Introduction to Aspectual Relations: What is there to know?
  3. Theorising and its Limits: What is theory?
  4. Scientific epistemology and methods: How do we get scientific knowledge?
  5. Norms and Ethics: What is good science?
  6. Communicating Christianly: How shall we share scientific ideas?

Further detail about the ideas covered in each of these sessions will be provided soon.  We will also make available videos of each workshop.

A Prezi show is under development below.  When it’s ready, it will give a visual tour of some of the big ideas shared in Church Scientific 2018.

The big questions

Through Church Scientific we intend to address a number of questions, and some of these received a fair amount of attention in the workshops.  Some of the main themes that emerged were about definitions of “science”, avoiding reductionism, the relationship between faith and knowledge, and the meaning of “objectivity”.  For more about these, watch this space!

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